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If you're a singer/songwriter, musician, indie band or performing artist, then you know how important it is to get your music in front of live audiences.  

So, ask yourself this:
Are you 100% happy with your current Gig Calendar?

Seriously. Take a look at your upcoming schedule. 

Are you performing as much as you'd like and in the venues you'd like? 

If not, why is that?

>>> Are you new to performing?
Maybe you're finally ready to take your music out on the road, but you just don't know where or how to start?

>>> Or maybe you've been performing for a while now and you want to expand into new towns, new venues or even brand new music markets?

>>> Do you dream of playing bigger, better and/or more lucrative gigs so you can finally ditch the day job and do music full-time?​

>>> Or are you frustrated because you've been doing your own booking and feel like you're just not getting anywhere with it? Quite frankly, you just wish a booking agent would swoop in, save the day (and you!) and book some fabulous gigs FOR you?!

(Hey, at one time or another, I think we've ALL felt this last one!)​

Do you recognize yourself in one (or more) of these situations above?

If so, then let me introduce you to...

Nancy Moran's

All-out, Full-fledged, Nothing-held-back, Everything-I-can-think-of-to-tell-you

Ultimate Booking & Touring Program

I know. That's a ridiculously long name.

But it's accurate.

In this 5-week in-depth online program, I'm going to walk you through the entire process of booking gigs and planning tours. I'm truly going to share everything I can think of to help you book better gigs and to get you out on the road sharing your music with the world.



​The world needs to hear your music. Now more than ever.

And because I am just like you! I've been where you are now. I know what it's like to want to "get your music out there." And I also know the frustration of not being able to do that. I know the aggravation of not being able to find where to play or who to contact or what to say to get the gig. It feels like a big secret that no one will let you in on.

Well, NOT any more! I am spillin' the beans!

Who Is Nancy Moran

OK, let me back up, and introduce myself to those who don't know me.

Hi!  I'm Nancy Moran.  

And for more than 20 years I've been a Nashville-based recording and touring artist. While you may or may not have heard of me, I've made my living as a singer/songwriter, playing all kinds of gigs—everything from 30-seat coffeehouses to 2000-seat performing arts centers.

I've played cover songs in bars and my own originals in concert halls. I've performed as a solo acoustic act and with a full rock band. I've toured as an independent folk-rock/Americana artist and as part of the nationally acclaimed female musical-comedy troupe known as The Four Bitchin' Babes. 

And that's all fine and dandy. But honestly, what you really need to know about me is that no matter what level you are in your music career right now, I can teach YOU how to do this too. I can teach you how to get gigs! 

It's not as hard, or as scary, as you think. And it'll probably take you less time to learn and get comfortable with booking than it did to get good at playing barre chords. 

You can do this. And I can help.​

In fact, the only thing that I love as much as performing myself, is helping other musicians get their music out to a wider audience.​ I want to help you because I want you to experience that connection with an audience that only live music can provide.

And hey, I want you to get paid for it, too! ​

"I've been a nationally touring performing songwriter since the 1980s and I was so blown away by what I learned taking Nancy Moran's [Ultimate Booking & Touring program]. I hadn't been regularly booking myself in a few years because I'd gotten so burned out doing it the way that most people who don't have an agent do it. I was great at it, maintaining an annual schedule of 50-75 shows a year but my friends and I had substituted the phrase, "Book my gigs!" as an alternative to jokingly telling each other to F*&%# off. When I would play in prestigious clubs, I'd be worrying about the next booking in the middle of my second set and that felt horrible.

The best part for me about taking Nancy's class was that it helped me change my mindset and how I was booking gigs so it became something I enjoy (no, I'm not smoking anything). My current tours are a combination of clubs, house concerts and guitar workshops and I'm having more fun than I've ever had. And while I'm having a blast, I'm making good money. Seriously, in the folk world.

Janet Feld Performing Songwriter, Master Teacher 


“[Nancy] taught me that it’s ok to say “no”. That it’s ok to be selective about the gigs you book and the kinds of venues you pursue. And it’s ok to ask for compensation for your art. I look at prospective gigs very differently now. I no longer feel like I have to pursue any and every opportunity. Just the ones that are right for me. That was a biggie. Thanks to Nancy, I am playing better gigs and making more money. Selling more CDs. And reaching more people who actually get and appreciate my music. And isn’t that the whole point?”

PJ BRUNSON www.pjbrunson.com 

This is NOT a 90-minute "workshop."

Now, I've taught plenty of "workshops" on booking gigs and other music marketing topics many times before—for the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) Advanced SongCamp, at the TAXI Road Rally, during NSAI's Songposium Conference, for Indie Connect's Virtual Music Conference, and on SongU.com just to name a few.

But the problem with these workshops is that they were usually only 60 to 90 minutes long. And that's not nearly enough time to go over everything that you need to learn.

So, this is NOT a "workshop."

I am not going to skim over topics or provide you with surface-level basics and send you on your way.

Nope. This Ultimate Booking & Touring program is a 5-week in-depth online program where I'm finally going to have the time to go into vivid detail of each step and process. In fact, I'm going to hold your hand every step of the way!

I'll even set you up with sample scripts for phone calls, emails and letters. And we'll discuss some negotiating skills that will help you when it's time to talk money.​

Plus, I'm here to encourage you and help build your confidence. Booking can seem a little intimidating at first—especially because as creative types we usually hate to talk about ourselves. (Sound familiar?)

No worries. Because in this latest version, I've included a whole module on mindset that will help you overcome those fears that hold you back and give you ways to activate your own Inner Booking Superhero! ​

No matter where you are starting from...

I can teach you the tools, techniques & systems

To get you gigging more in no time!

"I saw Nancy talk about awakening your Inner Music Mogul at the TAXI Road Rally. Because of that class I ended up signing up for her "Ultimate Booking and Touring" program. This comprehensive and empowering course was filled with great resources and practical advice that are invaluable to any performing artist or band. I have not only increased the number of gigs I have been booking but have booked gigs for other bands. Imagine making money from a gig that I didn't even play at. Awesome!

But beyond the techniques and resources, I want to thank Nancy for being a leader in this wacky business and inspiring me to take action. Her example has expanded my vision of what I can do and what I can contribute and that is what's most empowering for me and the many musicians that I will help."

JOHN FAYE  www.facebook.com/johnsfaye 

"I've taken a couple of Nancy's workshops/courses and was completely impressed at how easily she dispenses tons of useful advice; she is a font of knowledge about navigating the music business. Her generosity and organizational skills are superb, as is her down-to-earth delivery. I recommend her frequently - she dispenses more information in a short period of time than anyone I know. I've also seen her perform on stage several times. She is a multi-talented and fun performer, a real pro."

susan anders Singer, Songwriter, Vocal Coach 

"Nancy served on the advisory board of Indie Connect and often conducted music business workshops for us. She is not only a tremendously talented singer and songwriter, but also possesses a vast working knowledge of the music industry. She is a tremendous teacher who knows how to communicate well and hold an audience's attention. Lastly, Nancy is a true giver, willing to help anyone out in any way that she can. I highly recommend her as a speaker or workshop conductor, and as a private music industry coach."

VINNY RIBAS Founder & President of Indie Connect

So, what ARE we going to cover
in this program?



We'll start by talking about all of the things you need to do to get ready to book your gigs...BEFORE you pick up the phone and start sending emails. This is the piece that often gets overlooked (or purposely ignored) by many musicians and artists. But this part is crucial to your success and can end up saving you countless hours and hundreds of dollars in the long run!

Sample Topics include:

  • ​Physical press kits, EPK's and Onesheets
  • Describing your music
  • How to differentiate yourself from the masses
  • The importance of packaging
  • Making a good first impression
  • Writing a bio
  • The PR photo


This is where we'll talk about how to figure out WHERE to play. And, if I do say so myself, this is definitely one of my fortes! We're not going to talk about finding just any old place to play—we're going to talk about finding the RIGHT place to play for YOU and your music. Be prepared to shake up your idea of what a "gig" actually is—because we're not only going to think outside of the box, we're going to CRUSH the box completely!

Sample Topics include:

  • Standard music venues
  • Alternative venues
  • "Way outside the box" venues
  • How to find the various types of venues
  • How to qualify (and disqualify) a venue
  • Festivals & conferences
  • Creating gigs where none exist


Here's where the rubber really meets the road. This is what everyone thinks of when they think of booking—the phone calls, emails, letters, packages, CDs, links and mp3 files. We're going to talk about every aspect of it. When we finish this subject, you'll be fully prepared (and, in fact, I will encourage you to do this while you're taking the course!) to take action by making some phone calls and/or sending some initial emails.

Sample Topics include:

  • Making contact - who, when and how
  • What NOT to do and/or say
  • Cover letters
  • The Dos and Don'ts of following up
  • Lead times
  • M.O.N.E.Y. - how to know how much to ask for


If you're serious about going on the road, you're going to need a plan and a strategy. So, here is where we'll talk about how to organize a tour. There's much more to it than just booking several gigs in a row.

Sample Topics include:

  • Touring strategies - how to choose where to go
  • Routing
  • When to go and how often to go back
  • Diversifying your act
  • What to do with your "off" days
  • Managing the road to make sure you make a profit


We'll examine the fears, thoughts, and blocks that are holding you back and keeping you stuck. And we'll discuss ways to move through, overcome and/or sometimes just plain go on in spite of them! 

Sample Topics include:

  • Becoming a Business Owner
  • Procrastination
  • Perfectionism
  • Keeping your ego in check
  • What to do when you're not "in the mood" for booking

And that's just a PARTIAL list!  (I'm kinda known for over-delivering!)

And What Type of Results
Can I Expect?

"When I signed up for Nancy's course, I was in three bands. One of the bands worked a lot but wasn't getting in at the more prime venues. I signed up with the expectation that I would finally get the information I needed to approach these venues and get my band booked.

Well let me tell you, when Nancy Moran tells you she's giving you the Ultimate Course in Booking, she's giving you the ULTIMATE Course in Booking! She covered every area imaginable and then some. Whatever questions the group had, she answered as completely as possible, and if she didn't know the answer, she would research it and get back to us. What was also really comforting is that she truly CARED about each of us, made us all feel like real friends and was genuinely interested in our progress during and after the course.

My result? I was able to book 2 gigs right away at places we have been trying to get into for a long time, AND I was able to negotiate decent pay for both. The second venue wanted to only pay $400 for a 6 piece band. My asking price was $800; I was able to negotiate for $600 at a new place that didn't really know us at all.

I was so afraid of the negotiation process and I got it to work by following Nancy's process! Now, I am looking into summer fairs and hotels for this band. Thank you Nancy Moran for a great course and for your support!"

DONNA SCHWARTZ Musician, Music Educator 

"I took Nancy Moran’s “Ultimate Booking and Touring” course DESPITE the fact that I have been a touring and performing artist, doing my own booking already, for years. So why would an experienced pro like myself take such a course? Because I knew I would learn things that I STILL didn't know, and I knew her course would only make me better at what I’m already doing.

And I was right! Here's just one example that is absolutely a direct result of her class:

Her lesson on the artist's bio was a bit of an eye-opener for me. It showed me that all the bios that I'd been using in my career really sucked. So, based on Nancy's suggestions in her program, I completely re-wrote my whole bio. And in less than a month I got a write up in a local paper promoting a show I did. I didn't ask for this write-up. I never contacted the paper. THEY went to my website, read my bio, and wrote the article. Virtually EVERYTHING they said in this article came straight out of my re-written bio! The number of times I've gotten un-solicited attention from ANY press I can count on one hand. The new bio did it!

Nancy has a way of presenting everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING in a highly condensed but comfortable style, and in a way that is equally comfortable for anyone from the first-time beginner looking to book a “first gig,” to more experienced people like myself. There are nuggets of GOLD here for everyone!  

If you don’t know the first thing about booking gigs and want to learn, or if you DO know something about it, but are not yet as busy or as profitable as you’d like to be and want to know how to do it better… TAKE THIS COURSE! I can’t recommend it highly enough."

John M www.johnm.com  

Of course your results may vary. But more gigs, better fees, and more satisfaction from living a life in music are all REAL results that my students have already seen!

When Is It?... How Does It Work?
...And What Do I Get?

Nancy's Ultimate Booking & Touring Program
starts on January 18th, 2017 
and here's what you can expect...

  • Five Weeks of Step-by-step Guidance & In-Depth Instruction. This is NOT an overview of the basics. It's a comprehensive, real-world examination of every step of the booking and touring process. I will be your personal guide as we break down each and every step into easy-to-understand and doable action items.
  •  Video, Audio, & Written Lessons Delivered Online. Each lesson will be delivered to you as online modules that you can access from your own personal Membership Account with any secure network connection. So, you don't have to be available at a specific day or time to be "in class." Instead, you can watch, listen and learn on your own time and at your own pace.
  •  "Take Away" Audio Recordings. For extra convenience, each video lesson also comes as an MP3 audio file so you can download it to your iPod, MP3 player or other mobile device. This way, you're not tied to your computer or tablet screen and you don't even have to have an Internet connection. You can truly listen and learn anywhere.
  • Downloadable Worksheets, Sample Scripts, & Sample Contracts. This is a hands-on, action-based course. And I'll make it super easy for you by giving you worksheets to help you process and by providing clear examples of what to say and what to send. You can even see samples of actual contracts that I've used. 
  • Personalized Attention on Four Live Group Q&A Calls. Periodically, we will all hop on a live phone call together so that you can ask me questions that are specific to you and your music. This is where we make sure you can apply what you're learning to your own situation and it's one of my favorite features because you'll get to learn from the whole group. (Students often tell me that someone else asked a question that they didn't even think of!) The calls are staggered at different days and times so regardless of your schedule or time zone—even if you're outside of the U.S.—you'll have a shot at participating in these live discussions.
  •  Recordings of All Calls. If for any reason you can't make a call, don't worry. Every call is recorded as a high-quality MP3 file and is available for streaming or download within 24 hours of the call. So, you can send your questions in ahead of time by email (in fact, that is highly encouraged). And you'll be able to hear your question and my answer on the recording. Heck, even if you make the call, you might want to listen to it again!
  •  24/7 Access to the Private Group Facebook Forum. You'll also be granted lifetime access to a private Facebook forum set up just for Ultimate Booking & Touring students. This is a great place to share tips, ask questions, learn from your peers and generally share your booking experiences with others. It's also another way to interact with me—even after the program is over—because I pop in with my own answers, tips and suggestions throughout the year. The power of the group dynamic is often overlooked by musicians. But I'm here to tell you that this kind of "Virtual Mastermind" is your ally and the ultimate secret weapon in this industry!
  •  "Yours to Keep" Access. Don't have time to keep up with the lessons? Want to watch it all again for a second, third or umpteenth time? No worries. The Membership Account and all of the materials are yours to keep. You'll have access to the online account as long as it's available. AND...pssst...you can download the videos and audios to keep for forever! So, in essence, you have lifetime access to the materials in this course. Watch, learn and repeat as many times as you like!


Bonus #1
Putting Butts In Seats

Once you've got the gig, you've got to get people to come to the show...because NOBODY likes playing to an empty room. So, I'm sweetening the deal by offering a Bonus Module where we'll discuss ways to promote & publicize your show to make people get up OFF the couch and down to the venue to see you play!

Fast-Action Bonus #2
For the First 10 People to Sign Up!

I like to reward people for taking action. So, if you are one of the First Ten People to sign up, you will also get a private, 30-minute, one-on-one coaching call with me to discuss your own booking strategy, to brainstorm venues, to review your press kit or website, or whatever you need to get you going. This is your time. That's why it's a bonus! But only if you decide fast and sign up early.

All of the above for just one payment of $697! 
wait...right now it's only 
(That's MORE than 40% off!)


Let me guess. You've heard this before. People in the industry have promised you things and then, quite frankly, didn't even come close to delivering. Right? So, you're skeptical. (Yeah, I always am too.)

That's why I'm going to make this super-duper easy for you.

Sign up, start the program when we go live and try everything out for a FULL two weeks. ​I mean it. Really dig in. Watch the videos, download the worksheets, check out the resources, and ask questions. Get everything you can out of the program. And if it isn't working for you by the end of those two weeks, for whatever reason, let me know and I'll refund your money in full. 

That's it. Plain and simple. ​

Let Me Ask You This...

Where will you be in your music career one year from today?

Will you be doing the same old things, playing the same old gigs—or worse, not playing any gigs— and dreaming of where you want to be?

Or will you be living the music life you want, playing the places you want and getting paid well to do it?

The choice is definitely yours. ​

Choose music. Choose to take action. Choose now.​

Because a year from now, you'll be so glad you did.​

You Get All Of This...

Video Lessons
so you can watch when it's convenient for you

Live Q&A Calls
so you can ask questions about your specific situation

Sample Files Provided 
so you have templates & examples to start from

Audio Recordings
so you can listen in your car or on your mobile device

Ongoing Access
so you can take the course at your own pace

Private Facebook Forum
so you can "mastermind" with other students

Along with Nancy's expert advice, guidance & encouragement!

Your. Music. Matters!  
And I would love to help you share it with the world.


P.S. January is the perfect time to start booking your summer and fall calendars. (Seriously. I planned it that way.) And think about it. If you book just ONE gig because of this program, you can EASILY make back your investment. And if you book MORE than one gig? Well...you get the idea. This program will pay you back for years to come. So, are you going to keep struggling? Or do you want to make 2017 your best musical year yet?! Sign up now and let's get you gigging! :-)